Once we have a polished brand image and attention-grabbing storyline differentiating your products from all others, Scull Communications launches a broadband press campaign introducing and positioning your products in the market. Follow-up press offers further tantalizing details as we build brand storyline and raise product awareness for consumers and dealers.

A finely-tuned, efficiently run Scull Communications "push-marketing" campaign links and multitasks promotional opportunities. Your potent brand image/storyline is reflected on your website, injected into press releases and all other written communiqués and brochures, always on message, always building brand awareness. Show staff are motivated to stay on message, further enhancing your image.

Reviews and News items are sequenced for highest exposure. Long experience in specialist audio/video publishing offers a unique grasp of the review process, where even seasoned manufacturers often make mistakes. Avoid them all with our experienced guidance.

Scull Communications' Dealer and Rep Support Package efficiently repurpose the marketing campaign for reps and dealers too. A monthly Newsletter lets dealers know how you're putting money in their pockets; always a persuasive notion. It's a golden opportunity to address their sales staff with news of reviews or editorial, ads, and new product introductions. Keep them engaged and activated selling your brand. Tell them how to overcome potential issues and sell against the competition. It's a motivating training session wrapped up as a company-bonding Newsletter!

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